Telephone Answering Service

The very first point of contact a customer has with your business creates a lasting impression. Did you know that 85% of people whose calls aren't answered will not call back or leave a voicemail? Make sure that's not an issue for your business with your very own telephone answering service from CallReady.

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Telephone answering services mean more time for bigger priorities

This service typically saves clients 2+ hours a week. That's 100+ hours a year where you can worry about growing your business instead of managing your phone line. Outsourcing your telephone answering service means that not only will you never miss a lead, but that your customers will feel secure in the knowledge that their query has been dealt with every time. Differing from a message taking service, where calls are simply passed to 'the next available operator', our telephone answering service at CallReady means that calls are answered by a team of highly trained customer service experts, taking each call in a manner tailored to your business and your clients as if they were part of the team.

Using our telephone answering service frees up you and your team's time for key tasks and important business, whilst ensuring that your customers are never left behind. Avoiding lost revenue from missed leads is our priority, whether that's for overflow support at peak times or for out-of-hours cover when you're out and about.

71% percent of clients will end a business relationship because of poor phone etiquette. Our professional answering team are fully trained to have the perfect telephone manner for your customers. Our telephone answering service team are also highly professional, offering a great impression for small business who want to maximise their company image!

As you can see, answering services do more than ever before to save you time and money. To recap, answering services can collect leads, use customised calling scripts, process orders, schedule appointments and provide great caller insights. You get all the benefits of an in-house receptionist at just a fraction of the cost.

Updated on 1st April 2019

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