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0800 numbers are non-geographic UK phone numbers where the receiver is charged for the call, rather than the caller.

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0800 numbers are generally more memorable than geographic numbers

Before 0800 numbers became the norm, freephone calls were made by calling the operator and asking for a company by name. Further modernising the Freephone system, in 2015 Ofcom made all 0800 numbers free from mobile phones as well as landlines.

These numbers can be reached from across the world but are free in the UK for all callers. So, what are the benefits to these?

  • As 0800 numbers aren't tied to a specific region, they offer great flexibility for the number owner. As they can be redirected to any existing mobile or landline number, 0800 numbers are great for businesses based across different areas or without a central office, meaning your customers can contact you wherever you are!
  • 0800 numbers are nationally recognised as functioning across the UK without disclosing your exact location - using a national number can greatly increase your appeal to customers across the country rather than limited to your local area.
  • Used by countless respected business and charities across the UK, 0800 numbers carry a sense of trust to appeal to new customers. Studies have also shown that customers are more likely to choose a Freephone number than a geographic number when contacting a business.

0800 numbers are generally more memorable than geographic numbers - think how many TV adverts you may have seen whose 0800 numbers have stuck in your head for days!

If you are a smaller business, you will often find yourself competing with much larger companies for the same customers. This can be a daunting task for start-ups and new companies, as the established competition will often look too big to compete with. Fortunately, making use of an 0800-phone number can help level the playing field to your company's benefit! Removing the cost of making a telephone call sends a very clear signal to your customers about the value you place on communicating with them. This in return, makes the customer more incentivised to call you.

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Updated on 1st May 2019

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