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Callready takes pride in offering professional and efficient telephone answering services, at affordable rates.

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Telephone Answering

Calls will be answered by our professional team of Call Agents, specifically trained to take each call in a manner appropriate to your business. We can adapt any of our answering services in order to tailor them to your business needs.

Our basic call answering hours are: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 6pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm. We can provide 24 hour cover, please contact us for a quote.

Any queries please contact us on 08000 14 14 14.

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Message Taking

We can filter out unwanted calls such as sales or wrong numbers, and do not charge for these.

This system is designed to allow callers to believe that they have reached your company’s office and take their contact details for you to call back at a more convenient time.

How this helps you

Don't waste time answering wrong numbers or sales calls.

Improve the efficiency of your staff as they don't have to answer all incoming calls.

Prevent calls from being missed and retain more sales opportunities.

Give your customers a high standard of customer service by ensuring all calls are answered.

Order Taking

Whilst answering calls for your company we are able to place orders for your products/services for the customer that is calling.

We can also take reservations/bookings for your company through taking a message and sending it across to be booked in or if you have an online booking system we can access, bookings can be made directly.

How this helps you

This can prevent you from having to call the customer back to take the order yourself and can also help to avoid the customer from shopping around further and placing the order through a competitor.

This can help you increase sales/orders and provides your customers with a professional service even if you are unable to answer the call yourself.

Call Patching

When expecting a call from priority customers who you need to respond to immediately, our Agents can transfer certain calls straight to your mobile or office.

We can set this up to be flexible to your needs and transfer any specific type of call, or even all of them through to yourself or any specified member of your team.

How this helps you

This service gives you the opportunity to answer your important calls but filter out others.

This can be a great time saver as you only have to deal with specific calls and we will deal with the rest.

We can even patch calls to specific members of your team based on the type of call that comes through.

Business Recovery

An 'Act of God', service outages, terrorist threat, strike action or employee illness can effect business continuity. This may disrupt your contact with your customers, causing mistrust, complaints or even missed sales opportunities.

This includes an emergency divert number, access to changing where you divert your calls and a call answering script for us to deal with your calls in an emergency.

How this helps you

This can prevent loss of business and maintain a good relationship with your customers.

Even if an issue occurs, your customers can still call and speak to a person and won't be ignored.

You can change where your calls divert to in an instant, providing a seamless and professional service for your callers.


I can confirm that the set up process with call ready has been tremendous. To receive a call 10 minutes after signing up and have everything in place within 2 hours is amazing. Its a shame more companies don’t operate in the same efficient manner as call ready because it would be a complete joy doing business.

George Griffiths Criminal Record and Barring Service Ltd

Using Call Ready has made running our business so much simpler. Not only do they take calls for us professionally and efficiently, they also provide me with a message containing full details and action points. I can let these build up over the day, find them all in one place and keep on top of things easily. No more scrambling around for scraps of paper with phone numbers on for us!

I have been using the Live Call Answering service since May 2011. The calls are answered efficiently and professionally providing excellent customer service to our clients enabelling us to carry out our work to a high standard without interruption.

We have been using Callready's services since moving from a competitor in 2010 due to their cheaper prices and have since found them vital to our business. The 0800 numbers Callready have provided us allow us to portray a memorable, professional image and the Call Answering Service is a high quality method of managing our incoming calls, preventing us from missing possible sale opportunities on a 24/7 basis, which is essential to us. Overall we have found these services very beneficial and highly recommend them.

The software / system in place is excellent for what I need, I can use the software on the PC, laptop and smart phone, I particulary wanted the DIY Divert for when I'm out of office or after office hours, so never to miss that all important call again, the system is easy to use and lets me know if I've missed a call and notifies me via email in which can easily be set up. You can add as many numbers as you want, and set it to answer when you want, I particularly like the Call Whisper which distinguishes the friends from the clients.
I would also like to say the customer service and backup provided by Callready is excellent. I highly recommend the system and service provided for anyone who's looking to provide a professional outlook to their clients and who never wants to miss that all important call again at a price that suits the pocket.

Callready provided our Live Call Answering Service and have done for around 2 years now, being very reliable. I get notified via email with the clients details immediatly after the call. I don't have to deal with PPI calls, cold calls or wrong numbers and also don't get charged for them. Excellent successful service, highly recommended.

We use Dolphin to answer all of our sales calls through our 0800 Number and we couldn't be happier with them. We have been a customer of Dolphin for several years and I must say that their service is fantastic.

Acr Repairs have been using Dolphin Telephone Services for about 6 years now and found them very helpful and very professional at all times, their staff are friendly and very polite when answering my business calls.

We have been using Live Call Answering for about a year now and have found it very beneficial for not just picking up calls that would potentially have been missed and as a result losing customers to our rivals. The service also allows our reception team to concentrate on other things whilst calls are coming through with the confidence that the call will be captured by the Angels for them to call back once they have finished what they are doing, I.e. if in the middle of taking large payments, dealing with complaints etc that you do not want to disturb/leave.

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