The transition to answering services

Voicemail has been an essential tool in business for many years. It has allowed companies to retain business and communicate with clients more effectively. However, the business world is always adapting and as such it may be time to move on. In today's markets, more and more businesses are turning to answering services.

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Research shows that 69% of callers who reach a voicemail just hang up.

Today's consumers require immediate responses and are more likely to look elsewhere for services if they do not get a rapid response. Research shows that 69% of callers who reach a voicemail just hang up.

Investing in a telephone answering service can help to retain business and ensure that everyone contacting your organisation connects with a friendly, knowledgeable individual who can log their enquiry immediately.

At Call Ready, we offer a variety of answering services such as message and order taking, call patching and business recovery. We can help you keep your business.

Benefits of 01/02 numbers

01/02 numbers are geographic numbers specific to a location you wish to target, even if you're not based there. Research suggests that 76% of people prefer to contact a number which is local to them. Therefore, it is beneficial to set up an 01/02 number in an area where your company does the most business. You can portray a local image with a number which is local to your customers in order to seem more trustworthy and likely to meet their needs.

At Call Ready, we offer Geographic 01/02 numbers with 610 different area codes across the UK. Rental fees range from £3.99 to £30.99 so that you can acquire the level of service that works for you.

Updated on 1st March 2020

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