How call statistics can be the key to your success

Call statistics is a vital service that can provide you with information on not only calls you answer, but also calls you miss.

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The importance of the telephone to your customer interaction

Call statistics show you areas such as calls you pick up, calls you miss, duration of ring and duration of call. This can provide your company with many key statistics and help you to focus on improving what needs to be improved.

Call statistics can show you when you are most likely to miss calls, when is your peak time for calls and how long you keep your customers waiting. This could be the difference between gaining a customer and losing one.

At Call Ready, we not only provide call statistics, but also call answering services. So, once you have worked out when you will be missing calls, we can take them for you. Let us help. Call 08000 14 14 14 for details.

The rise of spam calls and how to combat them

Dealing with spam calls can be difficult, especially if you are busy at work and don't have time to waste.

Globally, the number of spam calls in 2018 increased by 325% to 85 billion, according to an article by Info Summary. The United Kingdom also has the second highest rate for spam calls at 22%. This can cause all kinds of issues for your business including losing sales, longer response times to genuine customers and wasting employees time.

At Call Ready, we offer a message taking service that can combat this. This system is designed to allow callers to believe that they have reached your company's office and take their contact details for you to call back. This allows you to filter out those unwanted calls as well as ensuring you don't miss any genuine and important calls.

The importance of the telephone to your customer interaction

Whilst some suggest that having an online presence is the most beneficial to your company's sales and customer interaction, telephones still play a bigger role in your business' success than you might think.

tudies from Sales Force suggest that 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone. This is a significant statistic as it shows how much the average business relies on telephones to maintain a good relationship with their customers. With that in mind, it is essential that you never miss a call.

This is where we can help. At Call Ready, we supply a range of call features and answering services to ensure that you never miss a call. We can take bookings, queries and messages for your business to ensure quality customer interactions. Our services will ensure that your customer feels satisfied that they will have their needs met. Contact us today: 08000 14 14 14.

Updated on 1st February 2020

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