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In the age of pay-per-click advertising and online shopping, it can be easy to think that the days of calling a business are gone - but at CallReady, we know that having a great business calling system for your customers is still the best way to secure your image as a trustworthy, helpful, and responsible business!

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Call Ready are a Leading Telephone and Call Answering Service Provider for Call Centres... We Also Offer Business Calling Systems, Virtual Assistant Services, Geographic Numbers, Virtual Numbers and 0800 Numbers.

  • In a recent study by New Voice Media, 77% of customers found calling to be the most effective means of communicating with a business - grabbing their attention with a great business calling system offers a great image for your company.
  • 85% of customers will not call back companies who miss their initial call - our answering services and call queuing packages mean that you'll never miss that vital lead!
  • Quick Sprout have found that integrating your online marketing presence with a great business calling system can increase a site's conversion rate by over 200%
  • Call monitoring has been shown in a study by Deloitte to be the best way of getting great customer feedback for continuous business growth.

Unlike a real receptionist, a telephone answering service can be on hand all day, every day. This means that even outside of office hours, your business has a real person manning the phones, ready to deal with enquiries and provide any other aspects of customer service required. During busy periods the call centre will be able to handle any unexpected spikes in the number of calls, meaning that you'll never lose out on potential business.

Let's face it; to be successful in today's business world, you need to be on top of your business 24/7. Hiring a telephone answering service will ensure you're accessible all day, every day. This means that even when office hours are over, your business will always have a real person ready to take care of your clients. Phone answering can be time-consuming, stressful, and distracting. Even if you employ someone to man your phones, you'll still be forced to spend time responding to some client requests. This will distract you from your main goal: Growing your business.

Updated on 1st September 2019

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