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Keeping your customers happy

In the age of pay-per-click advertising and online shopping, it can be easy to think that the days of simply calling a business are gone. But at CallReady, we know that having a great business calling system for your customers is still the best way to secure your image as a trustworthy, helpful, and responsible business!

In a recent study by New Voice Media, 77% of customers found calling to be the most effective means of communicating with a business - grabbing their attention with a great business calling system offers a great image for your company.

85% of customers will not call back companies who miss their initial call - our answering services and call queuing packages mean that you'll never miss that vital lead!

Quick Sprout have found that integrating your online marketing presence with a great business calling system can increase a site's conversion rate by over 200%.

Call monitoring has been shown in a study by Deloitte to be the best way of getting great customer feedback for continuous business growth - check out our call monitoring packages here.

Updated on 1st February 2019

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