Non-Geographic 0333 Numbers

Want to present a professional image for your business whilst making it easy for people to reach you without having to pay expensive call charges? Then 0330 numbers are for you.

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Benefits of 0330 numbers

With 0330 numbers you are able to advertise in multiple locations using a single national number, making communication easier. - Most organisations that use 0330 numbers use them as an alternative to 0800 numbers. These numbers can cost up to 20p per minute for callers using their mobile phones. This charge is a put off for many people. 0330 numbers are charged at normal landline rates from mobile phones. Thus, customers using mobile phones prefer calling businesses with 0330 numbers because they cost less.

Standard geographically routed landlines often become unreachable when a damage or fault occurs to the telephone network in the region that they are linked to. When this happens communication between the organisation and its customers stops until repairs are done. This is not the case with non-geographic numbers because they allow for incoming calls to be redirected to an alternative location if need for such redirection arises. Allowing more flexibility.

0330 Numbers are UK-wide business phone numbers and are mobile-friendly. Mobile phone users can call 0330 numbers and use the inclusive minutes that their call plan allows. They work alongside your existing landline and can even be attached to a mobile number so you can receive calls on the go. Our 0330 numbers don't require any additional hardware which makes them quick and easy to set up with the added benefit of being maintenance-free.

Updated on 1st August 2019

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